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Pig Races? At The Pickle Factory? In Nisswa, Mn?

Updated: May 13

Virtual Pig Races 2024 - Starts Friday May 17, 2024 at 5:00 PM


Looking for something to do on Friday night in the Brainerd Lakes Area?

Stop by the Ye Old Pickle Factory to enjoy some cold brews with your friends & family, play some pull-tabs, and join in on the fun of Pig Races!

So, what are Pig Races, and how do they work? (Don’t worry, it’s not real pigs)

  • It’s not only pig races; there are multiple races, including Ducks, Dogs & Cats, Horses, Matadors, & Race Cars, etc.

Here is what you need to know:

  • First, gather your friends & family

  • Head to the Ye Old Pickle Factory (Nisswa, MN) early to grab a table | Races start around 5:30pm - 6 pm CST

  • Grab a drink (Soda or an adult beverage)

  • Hungry? Grab a bite to eat! - View Menu

  • Bring some cash (They have an ATM onsite as well)

  • The Nisswa Lion Club staff will be walking around selling pull-tabs for the Pig Races

  • Purchase some pull-tabs for the races (The Nisswa Lions Club will be selling them)

  • Depending on the race, you can find Pigs, Ducks, Dogs & Cats, Horses, Matadors, & Race Cars, etc. Hold on to your ticket!

  • But that’s not the only way to win some cash; you can also get playbacks & a bingo #

  • And the race is off! (You can watch the virtual race on the TV's)

  • If you are lucky and have the winning Pig (or other character), you have won the main prize!

  • But there is also a bingo # that is drawn on the screen at the end of the race, and if you hold the bingo #, you win some cash.

  • But there is more, typically the Lion’s Club will also pick a few Bingo #’s and hand out drink tokens for the Ye Old Pickle Factory

  • But hold on, don’t leave after the first race because there will be a few more races & more chances to win!

  • And if you didn't win.... There is always more chances of winning, if you purchase regular pull-tabs. (Make sure to tip your puller for good luck)


Looking for transportation to and from the Pig races?

We recommend using Ole's Shuttle Service; they provide local shuttle services in the Brainerd Lakes Area. They provide excellent service and are always accommodating.

Contact Information:

  • Gull Lake: 218-821-1615

  • Breezy Point: 218-838-8100

  • Crosslake: 218-851-2009


Location and hours of the Ye Old Pickle Factory

The Pickle is located next to the City of Nisswa offices and right off Main Street in Nisswa, MN.

25532 Murray Rd Nisswa, MN 56468 Phone #: (218) 963-0085

Open Monday - Saturday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 AM Sundays: 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM


Good luck to everyone at the races, we will see you at the Ye Old Pickle Factory!

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-Counselor Country Steve


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