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Score Big with Local Pizza and Wings During Football Playoffs

Updated: Jan 23

As the professional football playoffs reach their peak and the anticipation for the big game builds, it's the perfect time to talk about everyone's favorite game-day eats: pizza and wings! There's just something about this classic combo that complements the excitement of football, don't you think?

Our Top Wing Picks: We've got a lineup of some fantastic local spots for wings - each with its unique flair and flavors. Remember, this isn't a definitive "top 10" - just a few gems we've discovered and loved!

  • Ernie's on Gull (East Gull Lake, MN): Indulge in their Mango Habanero, Carolina Gold, and Dry Rub flavors. Their "All You Can Eat" wings for $15 on Mondays are a steal – perfect for trying different flavors without breaking the bank! Visit Ernie's on Gull.

Best Wings Near Nisswa and Brainerd Minnesota
  • Dunmire’s Bar & Grill (East Brainerd): Savor their Chris’ Wing Sauce and Dunbar Rub. Enjoy their special offer on Wednesdays - 3lbs of bone-in wings plus a pitcher of your favorite drink, starting at 5 pm. A great midweek treat for wing lovers! More at Dunmire’s Bar & Grill.

Best Wings Near Nisswa and Brainerd Minnesota
  • Dunmire’s On the Lakes (North Long Lake): Their Thai soda and Orange Pineapple dry rub are unique finds. Ideal for those who love to experiment with new and exotic flavors. Explore more at Dunmire’s On the Lakes.

  • Lucky's Tavern (Pequot Lakes, MN): Korean Chili and Bourbon flavors await you here. Their "All You Can Eat" wings for $10 on Tuesdays (11:00 AM - 7:30 PM) are a bargain for endless enjoyment. Visit Lucky's Tavern.

Best Wings Near Nisswa and Brainerd Minnesota
  • Lakes Tavern (Pequot Lakes, MN): Try their Sticky Thai flavor – a sweet and savory delight. A great choice for those who enjoy a twist on the traditional. Discover more at Lakes Tavern.

Best Wings Near Nisswa and Brainerd Minnesota
  • Main Street Ale House (Nisswa, MN): Their Pickled Wings (Dry Rub) offer a unique and tangy flavor experience. It's a must-try for adventurous palates! Visit Main Street Ale House.

  • Big Axe Brewing: Their house signature dry rub is a standout. Enjoy their house-smoked wings, especially on Wednesdays when they offer a beer and 6 wings deal for $12. It's a perfect blend of great taste and value. Check them out at Big Axe Brewing.


Pizza or 'Za': Our Favorites No game day is complete without a slice (or several) of delicious pizza. Here are some spots that have won our hearts and appetites.

  • Rafferty's Pizza (Nisswa, MN): Enjoy Kelly’s Premium and Lucky Chicken among their wide variety. Their hand-tossed crusts and fresh ingredients make every bite a delight. Explore their menu at Rafferty's Pizza.

  • Tasty Pizza North (Pequot Lakes, MN): The Bacon Cheeseburger and Tasty Hi- Five pizzas are crowd-pleasers. Don't skip their smothered meatballs – a delicious appetizer or side. Menu and more at Tasty Pizza North.

  • Notch 8 Chow House & Drinkery (Brainerd, MN): Choose from unique options like Nick’s Friggen’ Za and Wild Mushroom & Sausage. Their inventive toppings and robust flavors are a hit. Visit Notch 8 Chow House & Drinkery.

Best Pizza Near Nisswa and Brainerd Minnesota
  • Slice On Oak (Brainerd, MN): The Chicken Sink and Thai Chicken pizzas are a must-try. Their "All You Can Eat" pizza buffet on Sundays, coupled with half-price apps, offers an unbeatable deal for pizza enthusiasts. Visit Slice On Oak.

  • Dough Bros Woodfire (Baxter, MN): The Steve and Michelangelo pizzas are top choices. Their Happy Hour (Monday to Friday) features buy one get one free appetizers and $4 tap beers – an ideal spot for after-work relaxation. Check them out at Dough Bros Woodfire.

Best Pizza Near Nisswa and Brainerd Minnesota
  • Commander Restaurant & Bar (Breezy Point): Savor their Commander Garbage Pizza, a loaded masterpiece with Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Sausage, Onion, Mushroom, Green Pepper, Green Olives, and Cheese. A true feast for pizza lovers! Visit them at Commander Restaurant & Bar.

  • Dunmire’s On the Lakes (North Long Lake): Delight in Katie’s Buffalo Chicken and Meta’s Prime Rib pizzas. Make the most of their Mondays with 50% off pizzas starting at 5pm – a great way to start the week! Discover more at Dunmire’s On the Lakes.

  • Zorbaz On Gull (Lake Shore, MN): Experience the unique Lowden Zpecial – a daring blend of Peanut butter, Zorbaz's own pizza sauce, pepperoni, jalapeños, and extra cheese. It's an adventurous choice that's worth a try! Visit Zorbaz On Gull.


Keep Exploring and Sharing We haven’t tried every pizza or chicken wing in the Nisswa Lakes Area, but we're working on it! We hope this list helps you discover your next favorite flavor or inspires you to try a new spot.

What's your go-to spot for wings or pizza in the area? Share your favorites with us – we're always eager to try new flavors and places!

Get Ready for the Big Game So, whether you're hosting a big game-day bash or just enjoying the playoffs from the comfort of your couch, why not support local businesses and indulge in some of the best wings and pizzas around? Happy feasting!

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