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Exploring the Charm of Nisswa, MN: A Summer to Remember

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

As Summer winds down, we've got a special treat for you! One of our Junior Camp Counselors, Ramen (yep, that's the nickname), has crafted an exceptional blog detailing his enchanting journey of falling in love with Nisswa. This voyage commenced a few years back, and now he's eager to share his short narrative with all of you. So get ready to be taken on a journey through his unforgettable experiences and his deep love for Nisswa.

Nisswa, MN Wedding Proposal


Why I Fell In Love With Nisswa - A Love Story Nestled in the heart of Minnesota, the amazing town of Nisswa holds a special place in my heart. Its beauty, warm-hearted people, and abundant activities make it an ideal destination for those seeking a memorable summer getaway. Join me as I reminisce about my time in Nisswa and the experiences that have forever imprinted upon my soul.

Falling in Love with Nisswa:

Back in 2020, I finally gave in to the persistent encouragement of Camp Counselor Country Steve and headed to Nisswa, MN. The town's peaceful setting, with its shimmering lakes, tall waving pines, and lush greenery, just blew me away. Every corner revealed a postcard-worthy view that made me feel like I had stepped into a dream.

Ye Ole Pickle Factory: A Local Favorite

One of the many delights of Nisswa is stumbling upon unique establishments that embody the town's character. Ye Ole Pickle Factory is one such gem. This inviting venue welcomes visitors with open arms, offering a perfect blend of company, refreshing drinks, and the thrill of pull tabs. Take a break from your adventures and spend an afternoon here, enjoying the local hospitality that Nisswa is known for.

Rafferty's Pizza: A PIZZA Delight:

After a day of exploration, one's appetite is sure to be roused. Look no further than Rafferty's Pizza, where delicious pizzas await to excite your taste buds. Known far and wide for their exceptional quality, Rafferty's Pizza never fails to impress. With every bite, you'll be transported to a world of savory flavors, perfectly complemented by Nisswa's warm hospitality.

Endless Entertainment:

Nisswa is a town that knows how to have a good time. Whether it's attending lively live music in the evenings at Roundhouse Brewery, enjoying salsa dancing at Dunmire's On the Lakes, or joining the fun festivities at Zorbaz (especially on the 4th of July), the town offers an excessive amount of entertainment options for everyone. The air is always buzzing with laughter and joy, making every moment spent in Nisswa truly unforgettable.

The Heartwarming People of Nisswa:

Beyond the stunning landscapes and vibrant activities, it is the PEOPLE of Nisswa who truly make this town shine. From the friendly locals who greet you with a smile to the warm conversations shared with fellow travelers, the sense of community in Nisswa is palpable. Their generosity and genuine hospitality create an atmosphere of belonging, ensuring that each visitor feels like a cherished member of the Nisswa family.

A Proposal to Remember:

As I mentioned earlier, this is a love story and now we've reached the most exciting part!

Nisswa not only stole my heart but also played a pivotal role in the love story of my life. On a calm evening (I myself was far from calm),as the sun dipped below the horizon, I took my beloved down to the dock, overlooking Nisswa Lake. With nervous excitement, I got down on one knee and proposed to her, promising a lifetime of love and adventure. The magical backdrop of Nisswa made that moment even more extraordinary, forever intertwining our memories with this enchanting place. Special Note: I'm pleased to share that we've been married for nearly a year now! (Also, I must take a moment to give a heartfelt shout-out to Petals & Beans for not only crafting a stunning flower arrangement but also generously supplying me with an abundance of exquisite rose petals to elegantly line the dock.)


While there are countless aspects that have deepened my love for Nisswa, MN, I only presented a condensed snapshot here. The true depth of my appreciation for this town would require a book, given the multitude of reasons it holds a cherished place in my heart, full of invaluable memories. In parting, I offer you this: Nisswa, Minnesota, is a destination that is enchanting with its natural beauty, exciting experiences, and heartfelt connections. It's a place where memories are made and cherished for a lifetime. If you seek a summer adventure filled with captivating moments, I dare you to spend a day in Nisswa. You won't regret immersing yourself in the enchanting charm of this remarkable town.

- Junior Camp Counselor Ramen

Nisswa, MN Wedding Proposal

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