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Mutts & Margaritas: A Day of Fun and Support for Northern Lakes Rescue

Yesterday, our team had the pleasure of attending the Mutts & Margaritas event hosted by Dunmire's on the Lakes (North Long Lake - Brainerd, MN) benefiting the Northern Lakes Rescue (Pequot Lakes, MN). It was a delightful day filled with fantastic margaritas, adorable rescue dogs, and a strong sense of community. As supporters of animal welfare and with Great Dane adopters (Camp Nisswa Crew) among us, we were thrilled to participate in this event. The atmosphere was vibrant, the company was fantastic, and most importantly, we were able to contribute to a wonderful cause. Here's a recap of the key highlights and memorable moments from this incredible day.

A Celebration of Margaritas and Dogs:

The event took place on the lower level of Dunmire's on the Lakes, right by the Tiki Bar, which provided a picturesque setting. The weather was perfect, with sunshine and a gentle breeze setting the mood for a day of enjoyment. Attendees gathered to savor the delightful margaritas on offer, and we couldn't resist trying the Dunmire Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita, which quickly became our favorite.

Supporting Northern Lakes Rescue:

One of the main reasons we were excited to attend this event was to show our support for Northern Lakes Rescue and their mission. We had the opportunity to chat with representatives from the organization and learned more about the incredible work they do to find safe and loving homes for dogs in the Minnesota area. As advocates for animal adoption, we were inspired by their dedication and commitment.

Raffles and Generous Donations:

The community's support for Northern Lakes Rescue was evident through the generous donations from numerous local businesses. The raffle prizes included baskets filled with goodies, clothing items or services such as massages or fishing guides, and swag from local restaurants and saloons. Gift cards and more were also up for grabs, making the raffle an exciting part of the event.

Tacos, Limbo, and Meat Raffles:

The Mutts & Margaritas event offered much more than just margaritas and raffles. For a mere $20, attendees were treated to an amazing taco bar, featuring a variety of delicious options. From flour and corn shells to beef, chicken, rice, refried beans, queso, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cheese, and salsa, the taco bar left everyone satisfied and happy.

As the afternoon progressed, we were entertained by a lively limbo contest. Although we encouraged our team members to participate, none of us dared to take on the challenge. Additionally, being in Minnesota, a meat raffle was a must, and it added a touch of local flair to the event.

Barkery and Bakery Sale:

A highlight of the Mutts & Margaritas event was the Barkery and Bakery sale. Both humans and dogs were treated to a selection of delicious treats. From mouthwatering cookies to dog-friendly goodies, there was something for everyone. It was heartwarming to see the community coming together to support this cause, even through their love for food.

Supporting a Great Cause:

The event was a true testament to the spirit of unity and compassion within the community. All the proceeds from Mutts & Margaritas were dedicated to supporting Northern Lakes Rescue. By attending this event, each participant contributed to improving the quality of life for dogs and helped in finding them loving forever homes. The sense of fulfillment was palpable throughout the day, knowing that we were making a difference in the lives of these deserving animals.

Join the Cause:

If you're passionate about animal welfare or interested in adopting a dog, we encourage you to follow Northern Lakes Rescue on Facebook or visit their website. They regularly post updates about dogs in need of foster homes or forever families. By engaging with their content, spreading the word, or even considering adoption, you can play a vital role in improving the lives of these animals.


Mutts & Margaritas was an unforgettable event that brought together margarita enthusiasts, dog lovers, and advocates for animal welfare. It was a day of celebration, community, and support for Northern Lakes Rescue. From the mouthwatering margaritas to the heartwarming sight of rescue dogs finding love, the event left a lasting impression on all who attended. As we departed, our hearts were full, knowing that we had contributed to a worthy cause. Let's continue to support organizations like Northern Lakes Rescue and make a positive impact.


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