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Ice Bowling – With a Winter Storm Warning

Hey there, Campers! #TeamCampNisswa wanted to share our experience at the Ice Bowling: Business Crawl! that happened recently, even though there was a Winter Storm Warning. That's right, several inches of snow didn't stop us from having a great time. Although we have to admit, it might have impacted the crowd a bit. Also, Copper Creek was closed due to the storm and staffing issues, so the event had four stops instead of five.

We have to give a big shoutout to Dunmire’s, the organizer of the event. For a $45 entry fee, we got 10 frames of ice bowling, a free drink at each stop, and a chicken wing sample at each stop.

Our team, #TeamCampNisswa, started at Big Axe Brewing Company. They had their bowling lane set up outside, and the staff was busy shoveling to keep the lane clear of snow. We went inside to get our scorecards and got our free drink selection from their tap list. Then we went outside to bowl our two frames. Camper Katie had two spares, and that got her bowling score off to a good start. We went back inside to finish our drinks and then got on an Ole's Shuttle Service for a ride to our next stop.

Our second stop was Woodlore Cider. They had their bowling lane set up inside, using some of their kegs and brewing supplies. The bowling ball was rubber, so it had a different feel and reaction. We bowled our two frames and then enjoyed our free drink from their selection of ciders.

Next, we headed to the Gas Can Bar and Grill for our third stop. Their hole was outside and took advantage of the snow to create helpful bumpers. It did have a bit of a “break” to the right, creating a challenge, especially for Counselor GW, who got three gutter balls out of four shots. However, Camper Tom used this hole to really get his score going higher. Inside we got a free shot and drink. We decided it was a good spot to take a break and get a couple appetizers. Walleye fingers, Tots, and the Cheese Curds hit the spot. They had a very tasty boneless chicken wing.

Finally, Ole's Shuttle Service took us to our last stop at Dunmire’s on the Lakes. Their lane was also outside, and it was nice, but the snow was filling the holes in the bowling ball. We did four frames to make up for the missing lanes at Copper Creek. Camper Tom took the time to get the snow out of the holes in the ball. He also got the use of a hand warmer from the scorekeeper. These helped as he finished strong to card a 138.

Dunmire’s gave everyone two free drinks and were handing out shots. They also had tasty chicken wings. All the participants gathered there for the awards. Camper Tom ended the day with the high score of 138, winning $100 cash. They gave out gift certificates for a few more places in bowling challenge, as well as the lowest score. The other members of the team barely missed out on that “honor.” They also gave out a few random door prizes. Camper Debbie got a selection of anything from the Dunmire’s store, and she selected a nice hoodie.

After the awards, we hung around Dunmire’s for a while, but we didn't hear the winners of the best wings and best bowling lane.

Overall, it was a fun day, despite the winter storm warning. We hope they can do this event next year and have nicer weather (You never know with Minnesota weather).


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