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2023 Recap of a Festive Two-Day St. Patrick's Day Celebration in Nisswa & Brainerd Lakes Area

Saint Patrick's Day is a festive holiday that is celebrated all over the world. In the Nisswa & Brainerd Lakes Area, there was no shortage of fun and festivities. #TeamCampNisswa hit the town to get their green on, and we had an amazing time. Here is a recap of our two-day celebration.

Day One - March 17th

On the first day of our St. Patrick's Day celebration, #TeamCampNisswa started at Ernie's on Gull. Ernie's was packed with people enjoying their famous drink, the Greenie. This drink is a double shot of vodka, carbonated sour, house greenie mix, topped with dry Tom Collins. It's their signature drink all year round, but it's especially popular on St. Patrick's Day. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out!

Next, #TeamCampNisswa headed over to the Jack Pine Brewery, where we tried the Pistachio Cream Ale that was specially dyed green for St. Patrick's Day. Skarlett Woods, an Americana, folk, and jazz artist from Brainerd, MN, performed live music, making the taproom an even more enjoyable place to be.

Our last stop for the day was Sherwood North, which is under new ownership since June 2022. The bar had live music from Ted Feyder, a local performer who plays the greatest hits of the late baby boom generation. It was a great way to end the day, and #TeamCampNisswa even decided to grab some food at Sherwood North before calling it a night. (Side note: they had a fun stop for the Frozen Fore and you can find our recap of the event here)

Day Two - March 18th

The second day of the celebration was dedicated to the Crosslake St. Patrick's Day Parade and Celebration (estimated to have over 30,000 people in the area for the event). Even though the weather wasn't ideal, with snow and windchills near zero, there were still plenty of people who came out to watch the parade and celebrate. #TeamCampNisswa found a parking spot near 14 Lakes Craft Brewing Company (Special Note: they are pet friendly, there were several dogs inside), close to where the ending of the parade would be. (Pro-Tip: Parking will fill-up fast, it was full by 1:30pm)

While waiting for the parade, we enjoyed live music from Mike Miller at 14 Lakes Craft Brewing Company. As the parade got closer, people bundled up and went outside to watch the parade. The parade participants were still going full force when they got towards the end of the route. There were many fun entries with lots of candy and other items being passed out. The Baratto Brothers Construction team even handed out drawstring bags that were perfect for carrying all the goodies from the parade.

After the parade, #TeamCampNisswa went back inside 14 Lakes Craft Brewing Company to get a seat and enjoy the live music from The Tangled Chords, a new band that we hadn't seen before. The band was great, and #TeamCampNisswa had a fantastic time.

We had to wait for the parade to end to get out from our parking spot, as there was still a lot of traffic. There is only one main road through town, so traffic was heavy for a while. Nonetheless, #TeamCampNisswa was happy to have experienced such a fun St. Patrick's Day celebration in the Nisswa & Brainerd Lakes Area and look forward to doing it all over again next year. Sláinte!


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